Beautiful, naturally...

Here are some examples of our nail art. Thanks to our clients who allowed us to photograph their fabulous manis!

Holiday Nail Art

Designs by Danica, left to right: Cherry blossoms, plumeria, black matte polish with cold glitter French tip, blues on a grid, bow with rhinestone, dotted swiss.


Halloween-themed nail designs by Danica. Dare we say this screams "Nightmare Before Christmas"?

Designs Dj Fall2013

Here are several great Fall-themed designs as executed by our own nail artist-in-residence, Danica. Perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Work Blueglitbling

Elegant and simple perwinkle polish with glitter on bling fingers. This nice short length with squarred tips is perfect for people who use their hands a lot. Consider using gel polish if you type or lead a very active lifestyle.

Work Nufrench

The new style of french manicure features colors that aren't traditional—here we did a set with a semi-transpareent pink polish on the whole nail with brown tips and rhinestone accents on the outer margin.

Work Pinkleopardbling

Leopard and other animal prints will be a very hot trend for Fall 2013, as will bright colors. We combined both trends for our client in a casual short length of nail, perfect for teens or anyone with a more active lifestyle.

Work Shellacfrench

This is your traditional French manicure with rhinestones applied to the bling finger. This is a safer way to interpret the bling finger trend if you have a more traditional job. CND Shellac offers a 14-day wear period which will tide you over nicely until your next visit to the salon. It has zero dry time and comes off in minutes.

Work Zoya Green

This is a simple manicure in a fresh, bright and unexpected color for Fall 2013. Zoya polishes are extremely high fashion and are free of a lot of the nasty additives found in most commercial polishes.

Nail Art