Pure Organic Nail Salon’s goal is to serve up the finest, most environmentally-friendly beauty services possible. We’ve even formulated our own scrubs, creams and lotions so that we could control how locally-sourced and organic our ingredients are. We strive to think of these things in advance so you don’t have to. Just sit back, relax, and rest your weary mind about your well-manicured and -pedicured carbon footprint.

These are our brand spanking new salon chairs in front, and just behind is our manicure bar.

Our reception desk—we often leave our latest concoctions of handmade and custom crafted lotions, creams and other such items for you to test here.

Without compromising on quality or style, at Pure Organic we use all natural, ethical and locally-sourced products.

This is our waiting area, fully stocked with magazines.

This is our formidable Wall of Polish, conveniently located right by our waiting area. We stock a full selection of the very best brands and stay current on color trends.

Here’s our selection of CND Vinylx polishes—gorgeous colors!

At Pure Organic Nail Salon, we are environmentally conscious about the effect our work has on our beautiful work. That is why all the products we purchase and make by hand are 100% organic. Our organic products ensure that our salons environmental footprint is kept to a minimum. 

Anything that comes into contact with our clients is either freshly sterilized in our autoclave, or brand new. Our strict cleanliness policies and procedures may label us germaphobes; but it ensures our salon is as sanitary as possible. We insist on using bowls for our footbaths, as they are efficiently and thoroughly sanitized between each client. The buffer and nail file we use on you will be used on you only; so, feel free to take them home to continue maintaining your nails.

Pure Organic Nail Spa