Our Services

Pure Organic Nail Salon’s goal is to serve up the finest, most environmentally-friendly beauty services possible. We’ve even formulated our own scrubs, creams and lotions so that we could control how locally-sourced and organic our ingredients are. We strive to think of these things in advance so you don’t have to. Just sit back, relax, and rest your weary mind about your well-manicured and -pedicured carbon footprint.

Nail Care

Keep your nails and cuticles strong and healthy with selection of nail care products, including treatments, top and base coats, and removers in strengthening and reparative formulas.

Hair Removal

Our experts use a gentle wax so that your skin remains calm and soothed throughout the waxing process. We use a gentle, non-irritating all-natural wax for your comfort.

Skin Treatments

Take Care of your Skin! Skincare shouldn't be a costly chore! We are here to tell you that there are simple organic solutions to what many consider to be impossible skin.


Your feet move you through the world, help you stand up to your day, and ground you. They also need TLC to keep them soft, strong, and free of problems.


Nail Care Essentials


Manicure – $20 (30 Minutes)
Pedicure – $30 (35 Minutes)
Combo – $50 (50 Minutes)

All of our treatments include the cleaning, shaping, cuticle trimming, massage, and buffing, and closing with protein strengthener base, polish, and quick dry topcoat.


Manicure – $25 (30 Minutes)
Pedicure – $35 (35 Minutes)
Combo – $55 (50 Minutes)

Our Sport treatments feature shiny buff for a neat, clean, and professional look whether you go with or without polish.


Manicure – $40 (45 Minutes)
Pedicure – $50 (60 Minutes)
Combo – $85 (90 Minutes)

We offer a wide selection of colors from CND Shellac, OPI Soak-off UV Gel, and LeChat Perfect Match Gel. Gel polishes can keep fingernails shiny with long-lasting color for up to 2–3 weeks, and for much longer on toenails. Unlike a traditional nail polish, gel polish is painted on with a brush and each layer is cured under a UV light to dry to a hard, longwearing finish.

Healthy Natural

Manicure  – $35  (40 Minutes)
Pedicure  – $50  (55 Minutes)

Benefits: Women transitioning from Full Set, Shellac to natural nails will improve damaged / discolored nails.

With high demand for stronger and healthier nails from our clients, we customize our handmade products like coconut oil for cuticle trimming, avocado cuticle oil for nourishing, sugar scrub, Shea Butter cream and finishing with Zoya Naked polish.

Organic Signature

Manicure – $45 (35 Minutes)
Pedicure – $50 (50 Minutes)

Benefits: Regenerating and healing.

Start with a therapeutic soak in a foot-bath of fresh mint leaves and cucumber slices, followed by a handmade sugar scrub to remove dead, dry skin. Your feet will then be wrapped in hot towels to further soften skin and relax muscles, and then you’ll receive a relaxing Shea Butter or cream massage.

Sweet Orange

Manicure – $40 (35 Minutes)
Pedicure – $50 (45 Minutes)

Benefits:  Refreshing and stimulating.

Vitamin C helps brighten and firm your skin, and these treatments are full of Vitamin C. Start by soaking in a foot-bath filled with slices of fresh orange and lime to refresh tired feet, followed by our handmade Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub, and then a longer massage with our Citrus Bergamot cream.

Tropical Mango

Manicure – $40 (35 Minutes)
Pedicure – $50 (45 Minutes)

Benefits: Soothing, Rich in Vitamins A and D.

Our Tropical Mango treatments feature our delicious-smelling, organic Fresh Mango Sugar Scrub and Fresh Mango Cream (made in-house) to soften, soothe and moisturize you. Enjoy silkier and smoother skin with our rich cream that contains Vitamins A, D, and E from sunflower oil and mango butter.


Manicure  – $35  (40 Minutes)
Pedicure  – $50  (55 Minutes)

Benefits: Moisturizing, protective, nourishing.

Pomegranate Shea butter cream is a wonderful for mature and aging skin and is soothing to dry, irritated or sunburned skin. In addition, it has excellent collagen production as well as restoration.


Manicure – $45 (35 Minutes)
Pedicure – $55 (45 Minutes)

Benefits:  Hydrating, moisturizing.

The Coconut treatments feature our hydrating all-natural, handmade Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub and Coconut Butter and finish with a massage that will bring you back to your favorite getaway.

Pumpkin Spice

Manicure  – $35  (40 Minutes)
Pedicure  – $50  (55 Minutes)

Benefits: Seasonal Only

Enjoy the fall with house made pumpkin sugar scrub and cream, exfoliating properties to slough off dead skin and provide moisturizing, rejuvenating . We love using this all year round, but it is especially popular in the fall.

Green Tea

Manicure – $40 (35 Minutes)
Pedicure – $50 (50 Minutes)

Benefits: Antioxidant, calming.

Antioxidants are great for skin, and the calming scent helps ease the mind. The Green Tea treatments feature real green tea for your soak, followed by our handmade Green Tea Sugar Scrub and followed by a soothing Jasmine butter massage.

Rosemary Rose

Manicure – $45 (35 Minutes)
Pedicure – $50 (50 Minutes)

Benefits:  Romantic and mind-clearing.

Fresh rose petals and therapeutic salts in your soak will help make any day special. Our handmade Rosemary Rose Scrub and Rose Cream will help relax your muscles as the scents of rosemary and rose help to clear your mind.

Apple Blossom

Manicure – $45 (40 Minutes)
Pedicure – $55 (55 Minutes)

Benefits: Antioxidant, Rich in vitamins A and D.

Soak in milk filled with fresh slices of apple, ingredients good for the skin and full of vitamins A and D. Our special apple blossom sugar scrub will exfoliate the skin while our handmade organic Shea Butter will relieve your muscles.


Manicure  – $40  (45 Minutes)
Pedicure  – $55  (55 Minutes)

Benefits: Relaxing and soothing.

Start with a warm Herbal Dream Pillow wrap around the neck and shoulder while soaking your feet in a therapeutic lavender salt foot bath. It’s followed by a handmade lavender sugar scrub to exfoliate the skin and a massage with lavender Shea Butter to relax the mind.

Pink Grapefruit

Manicure – $45 (40 Minutes)
Pedicure – $50 (50 Minutes)

Benefits:  Refreshing.

Thinking about a glass of Mojito? Yes, it is truly a wonderful scent the mixture of lime and spearmint essential oils produce. With this treatment you will soak your feet in a bath of lime and fresh mint leaves followed by a handmade sugar scrub and massage with organic Shea Butter.

Mojito Manicure

Manicure – $40 (40 Minutes)
Pedicure – $50 (50 Minutes)

Benefits: Refreshing.

Thinking about a glass of Mojito? Yes, it is truly a wonderful scent the mixture of lime and spearmint essential oils produce. With this treatment you will soak your feet in a bath of lime and fresh mint leaves followed by a handmade sugar scrub and massage with organic Shea Butter.

Cucumber Melon

Manicure – $40 (40 Minutes)
Pedicure – $50 (50 Minutes)

Benefits: Refreshing.

Handmade Cucumber Melon sugar scrub and cream will lead you to a fruity garden of fresh and revitalizing scents. Dead and dry skin will be removed by our exfoliating sugar scrub followed by a long massage with Shea Butter to moisturize and heal the skin.

Vanilla Bean

Manicure – $45 (35 Minutes)
Pedicure – $55 (50 Minutes)

This indulgent service may make you melt like a warm sugar cookie right from the oven. Start with a soak in your choice of our handmade Bath Tea or fizzy Bath Bomb in Lavender Rose, Sweet Orange, or Oatmeal Pink Sea Salt. Enjoy a heady vanilla bean sugar scrub, followed by a cream massage.

Ultimate Pedicure

Pedicure – $80 (75 Minutes)

Benefits: Anti-aging and revitalizing.

Perfect for dry and tired feet after a long day of working! This treatment is our premium service—we treat your calluses, exfoliate your feet with our homemade sugar scrub, wrap your feet in warm towels to warm your muscles, massage you from your knees to your toes with our signature warm soy massage candle, and then we dip your feet in warm lavender paraffin. Your feet will say “Thank you!” after this treatment.

Reflexology Pedicure

Pedicure – $50 (45 Minutes)

Benefits:  Energizing and healing.

This is a truly energizing and healing experience, with special massage technique will help relieve all types of pain in the body and sooth your nerves as well.

CND Brisa Gel

Full Set – $55 (60 Minutes)
Refill – $50 (45 Minutes)
Fix – $5/nail (5 Minutes)

This gel system is hypoallergenic, odorless, and lightweight. It can be applied to natural nails or to tip extensions, and is cured under UV light. It looks natural and has minimal to no lifting so it’s perfect for clients with oily nail beds (whose acrylics don’t adhere to their nails).


Manicure  – $10  (15 Minutes)
Pedicure  – $25  (25 Minutes)

This treatment includes cleaning, shaping, buffing, and massage followed with nail polish. We also include two optional designs for toes or nails.

Little Princess

Manicure – $15 (15 Minutes)
Pedicure – $25 (20 Minutes)
Combo – $35 (30 Minutes)

Like mommy’s treatment except we do not trim cuticles or use pumice a pumice stone; and we buff nails instead of applying a color treatment. We include two optional big toe nail designs with the pedicure.


Manicure – $15 (15 Minutes)
Pedicure – $25 (20 Minutes)
Combo – $40 (30 Minutes)

Dipping Powder

Manicure – $50+ ( – Minutes)

Full Set

Manicure – $50 ( – Minutes)

Healthy SNS Dipping Powder

Combo – $50+ (60 Minutes)

With high demand for stronger and healthier nails from our clients, we offer SNS Dipping powder which is long lasting for 2 -3 weeks  instead using acrylics. It has no Oder and  free chemical, the powders ingredients has calcium, vitamin A, E, D3 and B3 for your nails and skin. It doesn’t cause health problem as much as damage the environment. 


Body Hair Removal

Hair Removal Pricing

Eyebrow Shaping                  $12  –                       (15 Minutes)
Eyebrow Maintenance$12  –  (15 Minutes)
Lip/Chin$7  – (5 Minutes)
Full Face$40  –(30 Minutes)
Sideburns$15  –(15 Minutes)
Underarm$15  –(10 Minutes)
Half Arm$18 & Up   –(25-30 Minutes)
Full Arm$35 & Up  –(40+ Minutes)
Half Leg$30    –(25 Minutes)
Full Leg$45 & Up   –(45+ Minutes)
Bikini Line$20   –(25 Minutes)
Bikini Extended$25 & Up   –(30+ Minutes)
Brazilian$40 & Up    –(35+ Minutes)
Brazilian Maintenance$35 & Up    –(30+ Minutes)
Back and Shoulder$45 & Up    –(40+ Minutes)


Rejuvenating Treatments for the Skin


Facial– $75 (60 Minutes)

Nourish and balance your skin—perfect for maintaining your skin every month. Good for all skin types.

Forever Young

Facial – $110 (70 minutes)

An excellent age-fighting treatment for mature skin as our treatment helps to soothe wrinkles and fine lines.


Facial– $80 (60 Minutes)

This treatment is perfect for teenagers or anyone struggling with acne and blemishes.

Back to Life

Treatment– $45 (30 Minutes)

Prone to breakouts on your back? If so, treat yourself to this service every 2 weeks for best results. We exfoliate your back to prevent future breakouts, wrap your back in a warm towel, give you a relaxing 10-minute massage, and then treat current breakouts to calm and soothe the skin.


Hand and Foot

Hair Removal Pricing

Shine Buff     $5 –     (5 Minutes)
Fix Nails     $5 & Up –     (5 Minutes)
Shellac Removal     $8-      (10 Minutes)
Callus Treatment     $15 & Up –     (10+ Minutes)
Design     $3 & Up –     (5 Minutes)
Chrome Design     $3 each –     (5 Minutes)
French Hand/Feet     $5 –     (5 Minutes)
Color Change Hand     $7 –     (10 Minutes)
Color Change Feet     $10 –     (10 Minutes)

Hair Removal Pricing

Teen Color Change Hand    $5 –    (10 Minutes)
Teen Color Change Feet    $7 –    (10 Minutes)
Parafin Hand    $8 –    (15 Minutes)
Parafin Feet    $10 –    (10 Minutes)
Organic Polish    $3 each nail 
OPI Infinite Shine    $4 each nail 
CND Vinylux    $4 each nail

We strongly recommend you book in advance if you have a specific time you’d like to be done with your service, especially if you’d like to come in with friends. If you prefer to schedule your appointment with our receptionist, ring us at 925-600-8889.